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Who is Crackin?

About Me

Crackin is just some guy, although not "a Kraken". Just "Crackin" proper (a common misconception). In a nutshell, Crackin is a guy who likes to make things. And since ones and zeros are free, a lot of that stuff ends up living inside his computer. Read More...

I would also like to mention that since updating this site (as incomplete and broken as it is) I already hate it and hope to largely rebuild it when I have time. Unfortunately (for this domain) I started new employment and don't have much time to make that udpdate right now. Soon, I hope.

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Stingray Project


I started working at Grooveshark explicitly to facilitate the construction of a very aggressive UI update dubbed the Stingray Project. The build took around 1.5 years from start until the first live push, followed by several months of additional feature integration, performance optimizations and bug fixes before the site was eventually taking offline per legal settlement, around the end of April 2015.

My work consisted mostly of building and updating the various page and module views, refactoring utility methods and general architecture, and facilitating the integration of responsive behavior accross the site. My total contribution in raw code via Github stats was 45,663++ / 44,529-- over 388 total commits.

Unfortunately the site doesn't exist anymore and due to the complexity can't really be mimicked here, but you can check out a few screen shots along with some code snippets below.

Code Sample: Tooltip/Context Menu Positioner Code Sample: Headless Browser - SEO Scrape Tool


Crackin Studios

The site which you're currently looking at, was built over just a couple of weeks during my most recent bout of joblessness.

Animations were done primarily with GSAP (Greensock) with a few minor hover effects using CSS3. jQuery facilitates a large portion of interative behaviors, and the page uses LESS (pre-compiled of course). Additionally, there's a small selection of third-party plugins handling a couple things although the I wrote the majority of the core javascript, and the page is fully mobile responsive (or will be soon. I'm writing this before actually wrapping up the page).

Feel free to inspect the code, although in the interests of transparency I've also made the codebase publically available as a GitHub repo which you can find here


Project X

Sports News Agency

This particular entry is more of a place-holder. Sure, it's a tiny bit of a copout to include anything at all here when I can't technically talk about the project just yet. But I'm taking the route of a copout and you're just going to have to live with it.

I'm redeveloping a relatively major sports brand's primary news portal and I can't legally disclose anything about it yet. Had to sign an NDA before they could even describe the project to me... but I fully intend to update this entry with all the juicy details once the project is complete. Until then, it's just gonna be "Project X".


I'm actively seeking a permanent, full-time position.

Contracts OK

I'm not looking for full-time work at the moment but am open to short term contract offers.


Not looking for any new full-time or contract work at the moment.

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